Information for New Partners

Petsun Co., Ltd., Japan is looking for new business partners: breeders, exporters, pet food/supply manufacturers around the world.

Wholesale of Pet Animals
We sell a wide variety of exotic animals, from small to large ones, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects for pets and zoos/aquariums. We purchase such animals from good domestic breeders and breeders/hunters around the world to wholesale them to pet shops and zoos/aquariums throughout the country.
Wholesale of Pet Food
We keep and manage a wide range of animals from across the world at our own facility until they are sold. For better animal health, many different products, both domestic and foreign, have been tested by feeding them to our animals including breeders and obtained data are analyzed to select the products with good results in health conditions and breeding rates. Only such superior products continue to be fed to our animals. We import those highly-selected items to wholesale them to pet shops and zoos/aquariums.
Wholesale of Pet Animals

For Breeders/Exporters

We are looking for breeders/exporters to provide us with high-quality animals including small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you through building credibility.

For Pet Food/Supply Manufacturers

We provide pet food/supplies for pet shops and zoos/aquariums throughout Japan. We are always looking for the products with high quality and welcome any information on the manufacturers of such products.We look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to contact us.

Company Guide

Information about Our Company

We purchase live animals (small mammals, birds including raptors, reptiles, amphibians and insects) from around the world and good domestic breeders, and wholesale them to pet shops, zoos/aquariums and other animal-related companies across Japan. We also select only superior pet food and pet supplies from inside and outside the country and wholesale them to our clients.

Information about Our Company
Our Business Policy
Business Policy

Our Business Policy

To Realize the Rich Global Environment Where People and Animals Can Live and Prosper Together

We provide pets to people with emphasizing the importance of life and the conservation of the global environment through animals. Pets are an integral component of our life; we are soothed and comforted by the warmth and joy from innocent animals and they also teach us the importance of life. In providing such pets, we strive to supply society with safer and more secure animals free from disease and infection and to work on creating the rich global environment so that people can live and prosper together with animals that give us happiness. By making such efforts, we aim to become a company trusted by the international community.


Management Philosophy

  • To aim to become a company trusted by the international community through providing society with safe and secure pets free from disease and zoonosis.
  • To work on achieving a society with no animal abandonment and cruelty by ensuring respect for life.
  • To work on creating the rich global environment where people can live and prosper together with pets and free-ranging wildlife.
  • To aim for the warm society with no bullying and child abuse by cultivating the sense of morality through pets such as respect for life and consideration for others.
  • To aim to become a company which can bring happiness to as many people and animals as possible, by treating them with the best of intentions.
  • To ensure compliance with all basic rules and laws by both labor and management and to contribute to the global economic development by taking full advantage of our corporate culture that all can work with vigor and enthusiasm and of the creativity of each individual.
Management Philosophy
Company Profile
Company Name
Petsun Co., Ltd.
Company Representative
INUI Takamune, CEO
Address of Headquarters
3-7-1 Shinomiya, Kadoma-shi, Osaka Pref., 571-0017, Japan
Main Phone Number
81 72-883-4777
Fax Number
81 72-883-4778
Dates of Start of Business/ Establishment
Start of Business: August 16, 1998 Establishment: July 16, 1999
Capital Stock
Registration Number of Type I Animal Handling Busines
No.4126-1 (Registered in Osaka Prefecture)
Business Description
Live Animals, Pet Food, Pet Supplies and Other Related Products in General, Import/Export Wholesale
Major Clients
Pet Shops, Zoos/Aquariums, Veterinary Hospitals,
Universities/Research Institutions
Countries of Major Partners
12 countries in Asia, 14 in Africa, 2 in Oceania, 10 in Europe, and 10 in North & South America
Company with Distributor Agreement
PMI Nutrition International LLC. USA
Main Financing Banks
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Moriguchi Branch), The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. (Neyagawa Branch), Shoko Chukin Bank (Osaka Branch)